Contributing Authors

Canadian Cardiovascular Society (Cardiovascular diseases) 

Canadian Medical Protective Association (Reporting, Appendix B) 

Canadian Ophthalmological Society (Vision)

Dr. Harleen Bedi (Vision)

Dr. Edward Brook (Aviation)

Dr. Tyler Brooks (Aviation)

Michaela Budd (Aviation)

Dr. Lulu Bursztyn (Vision, Canadian Ophthalmological Society)

Dr. Hannah Chiu (Vision/Canadian Ophthalmological Society)

Dr. François Cabana (Musculoskeletal disabilities)

Dr. Mark Crossman (Traumatic Brain Injury)

Dr. Bonnie Dobbs (Driving cessation)

Dr. Jamie Dow (Introduction, Functional assessment, Anesthesia and surgery, Seat belts and airbags, Motorcycles and off-road vehicles, Miscellaneous conditions)

Dr. Hillel Finestone (Cerebrovascular diseases [including stroke])

Dr. Ian Gillespie (Psychiatric disorders, Traumatic brain injury)

Dr. Raju Hajela (Alcohol, Drugs)

Dr. Michael Henry (Vision)

Dr. Irfan Kherani (Vision, Canadian Ophthalmological Society)

Dr. Danica Kindrachuk (Vision, Canadian Ophthalmological Society) 

Dr. Colin Mann (Vision, Canadian Ophthalmological Society)

Dr. Salim Lahoud (Vision/Canadian Ophthalmological Society)

Dr. George Lambros (Railway)

Dr. Thomas Lindsay (Vascular diseases)

Dr. Shawn Marshall (Traumatic brain injury)

Dr. Frank Molnar (Aging, Dementia)

Dr. Siddarth Nath (Vision, Canadian Ophthalmological Society)

Dr. Lorne Parnes (Auditory and vestibular disorders)

Dr. Mark Rapoport (Dementia)

Dr. Cindy Richardson (Endocrine and metabolic disorders)

Dr. Christine Roy (Miscellaneous Conditions that may affect fitness to drive, Anaesthesia and surgery)

Dr. Dmitry Rozenberg (Respiratory diseases)

Dr. Frederic Series (Sleep disorders)

Dr. Bernard Sevigny (Auditory and vestibular disorders)

Dr. Sabin Shurraw (Renal diseases)

Dr. Christopher Simpson (Cardiovascular diseases)

Amanda Steger (Reporting when and why)

Dr. Salina Teja (Vision)

Dr. Marcello Tonelli (Renal diseases)

Dr. Martin Veilleux (Nervous system)

Miranda Witheford (Vascular diseases)

Dr. Vincent Woo (Endocrine and metabolic disorders)